BORG Hanger

BORG Standard and Dowel Hangers

The Original Adjustable Joist Hanger System

The BORG adjustable joist hanger system is a proven fast track deck forming system designed to save contractors considerable time and money while delivering high quality, precision results.

Measurable results

Integrating BORG Hangers into your next project will reduce much of the material, labor, equipment, and time required by “traditional” elevated concrete slab forming methods. Our construction system eliminates sacrificial hardware and cleanup, tears down faster, and delivers greater precision than any other concrete deck forming method used for commercial construction. And best of all: BORG Hangers are reusable.

Decades of success

The BORG name comes with a 39 year history of quality and innovation. Our hangers have been successfully utilized in a wide variety of deck forming projects spanning multiple decades. The BORG adjustable joist hanger system has proven itself as a versatile deck forming solution that you can trust.

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Easy Set-Up · Fast Teardown · Precision Results · Reusable ♻️